Get the Information You Need on Supply Chain Processes

The world of procurement can sometimes seem overwhelming. Especially when you’re running a healthcare, education, or foodservice business. You have too much on your plate to become a sourcing expert. That’s why it’s essential to consult a procurement professional. Your Foodbuy account manager will worry about the ins and outs of supply chain processes, so you don’t have to.
Next time you meet with your procurement expert, ask these questions.

1. Are There Any New Savings Opportunities Available?

This question should be your baseline for interaction. While your sourcing agent will likely let you know of any potential savings opportunities without asking, this topic is the ideal place to start discussions on conversions and program expansions.

While you may already have found ways to save, there’s no reason to stop exploring different options through your group purchasing organization (GPO) or procurement expert. You should always feel comfortable asking about new programs.

2. Should I Be Concerned About Product Shortages?

During tumultuous times, transparency on supply chain processes is essential. If you have concerns about product shortages, inflation, or any other topics, you should feel comfortable discussing options with your sourcing expert. Your account manager will be able to accurately assess the severity of the situation and provide potential mitigation strategies.

3. How Can I Change My Distribution Strategy?

Your distribution strategy is a key element in your supply chain process. While your procurement expert may not be able to adjust existing contracts, you can ask them for advice on future agreements. That way, you can make informed decisions that best benefit your business.

4. How Can I Schedule a Culinary Consult?

Seeing product changes on paper isn’t always enough. Getting professional advice on your ordering process within your own kitchen can make all the difference. Plus, culinary consults can cover topics like:

Menu design
Staff training

This is all in addition to helping you spot savings within your existing processes. If you work with a GPO like Foodbuy, your account manager can easily connect you with professional chefs who can support your business.

5. What Are My Options for Local and Regional Products?

Does your supply chain process include ordering local and regional products? A well-rounded sourcing plan goes beyond broadline programs. Whether you want to secure produce that’s in-season in your area or a specific line of sauces created by a local supplier, you can ask your account manager for the best way to make a change.

Take Charge of Your Procurement

Transparency into supply chain processes can make you feel more confident in your sourcing partner. That’s why it’s one of Foodbuy’s key values. Meet with an account manager from Foodbuy, Foodbuy Hospitality, or Foodbuy Foodservice today.

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