Eric Wilkinson
Director Nutrition Services
Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare is a Utah-based not-for-profit system of 24 hospitals, a
medical group of 2,400 physicians and advance practice providers, 160 clinics and
38,000 employees.



How long have you been a member of Foodbuy?
Intermountain joined Foodbuy in November 2016.

What is your favorite part about your company?
Providing affordable, quality care is the highest priority at Intermountain Healthcare and
our culture is one that places caregivers and patients first to make this happen. I work
with an exceptional team and I enjoy being part of an organization focused on driving
positive change in healthcare and in the community.

How has your membership with Foodbuy helped your business?
In partnering with Foodbuy, Intermountain Healthcare has seen positive outcomes with
our managed order guide. By utilizing the quarterly optimization cuttings, we have seen
significant cost savings without compromising quality. The Foodbuy team is a great
resource and has multiple connections. Through working with them, we have partnered
with manufacturers and other Foodbuy members to improve our business.

What is your favorite Foodbuy Member benefit? Why?
Two of the greatest benefits are the quarterly optimization reports and the full
transparency with rebates. The quarterly optimization reports have increased our
contract utilization and the rebate transparency has offered instant information to guide
our decision-making process.

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