While it may seem contradictory to the hands-on personal approach, online culinary training is fast becoming the norm for foundational techniques and continuing education. Online culinary training provides an accessible, flexible, and affordable alternative to the traditional classroom. That is the reason that Foodbuy recently partnered with Rouxbe (pronounced “Ruby”) Online Culinary School.

With many culinary schools closing their doors, Rouxbe provides a great option for chefs, delivering instructional lessons, practice recipes, exercises, and additional education learning modules. Users receive chef support from renowned chef educators and hands-on assessments to practice newly developed techniques.

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Completion of the program provides for Continuing Education Hours from the ACF’s Education Foundation: 110 hours for the Gold Level and 30 for the Silver Level. In addition, completion of the Gold Level qualifies the Chef for Fast Track to a Chef de Partie designation from WACE – World Association of Chefs Societies (worldchefs.org), the global overarching authority on Chef Certification standards.

There are few culinary training programs that can compete with Rouxbe’s Gold Level, which teaches about 80% of the culinary technique education learned at brick and mortar schools (and is used in over 275 high schools, colleges, universities and culinary schools). For culinary schools that use online training as part of a hybrid program, pricing is dramatically different as those programs run a minimum of $10K per learner, whereas the Gold program is $2,000 per location without a limit on the number of learners.

But what’s up with the name? Back in 2005, Rouxbe built a touch-screen device and called it Ruby – your “in-kitchen friend” for cooking success. The company has since dropped the hardware component to focus on instructional content, and that’s when Rouxbe was born, a combination of ROUX (term used in cooking) and BE (meaning to live or exist).

As the internet becomes the way of the world, it’s only natural that chefs, especially the up-and-coming generation, would find online culinary training appealing. And as Rouxbe likes to explain, it’s like having instant replay at your fingertips. You always have the best view, access to replays, and the ability to revisit techniques at any time.

For more kitchen inspiration, visit Rouxbe on Instagram.

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