We are a 700 bed hospital and have made significant achievements with the help of the Foodbuy team and utilization of the programs offered. Foodbuy (has) helped to make many positive changes in our processes and our purchasing procedures resulting in cost savings and process improvement.”

Foodservice Director

What separates Foodbuy from other GPOs is the transparency we have with them as well as the flexibility that foodbuy offers.”

VP of Contracts, Hospitality GPO

I see the need for Foodbuy to visit each full service hotel in our portfolio, so we can utilize their expertise and enhance our savings for our 55 plus hotels which will result in an additional savings of potentially $1,000,000. ”

Vice President Food & Beverage, National Hotel Management Company

I think the one word to sum up our partnership with Foodbuy is collaborative.”

Sr. Director, Multi-Unit Sales, Supplier Partner

The Culinary Solutions Team at Foodbuy worked with us to establish targets and goals to drive commitment and compliance with our committed members. This yielded significant savings for our members while simultaneously driving value to the supplier community.”

President, Group Purchasing Organization

The Culinary Solutions Team at Foodbuy is a win-win for everyone involved and we look forward to expanding the program for years to come. ”

President, Group Purchasing Organization

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