Foodbuy has maintained a commitment to collaboration with diverse product, service, and food suppliers since our inception in 1999. Today, we source from over 450 certified Women- and Minority-Owned Businesses and Enterprises (WMBE). We’re actively adding to our portfolio and increasing percentage spend with diverse suppliers annually.

Foodbuy’s priority is creating a supply chain strategy that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive. This is achieved by continuously updating internal processes, developing initiatives like the Diverse Supplier Accelerator Program, and highlighting the value of our diverse suppliers.

The Diverse Supplier Accelerator Program (DSAP)

In 2021, Foodbuy launched the Diverse Supplier Accelerator Program as part of an effort to invest time and resources to assist the growth of diverse suppliers. This initiative focuses on 10 women- and minority-owned businesses each year, connecting them with resources and education.

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How can I become one of Foodbuy's diverse suppliers?

At Foodbuy, we believe diversity is the key to innovation and creates opportunities for all suppliers. Please register your company here. Our team will review your profile and will reach out should we determine your product meets our customer’s current or future needs.

Is your CEO committed to Supplier Diversity?

CEO Commitment Statement

“Compass Group North American Division views diversity as a fundamental business strategy.”Embrace Diversity” is one of our 5 Global Core Values.  Our Supplier Diversity is committed to the development, utilization, and growth of diverse suppliers.

Our Purchasing Organization, Foodbuy LLC aims to include qualified diverse suppliers in all aspects of the procurement process.  Further, we expect our Major Vendor Partners to use similar inclusive practices in their procurement programs and vendor relationships.”

-Gary Green, CEO Compass Group North America Division

What are the goals and objectives of the Foodbuy Supplier Diversity Program?

Through Foodbuy, Compass has a very active Supplier Diversity Program, with the following objectives:

  • To identify and source business opportunities with capable small, minority, women, disabled, and veteran owned businesses that meet the supplier qualification requirements of Foodbuy and its committed customers
  • To track all expenditures and joint revenue generated from diversified suppliers
  • To provide diverse business owners with access to the purchasing opportunities within Foodbuy.
What are the goals for the Foodbuy Supplier Diversity Team?
  • Provide Foodbuy category development managers with resources that help them mentor our current M/WBE partners so that their partnership with us leads to increased business opportunities.
  • Increase the number of diverse suppliers that provide goods and services to our customers by continually meeting with and reviewing business profiles for potential M/WBE suppliers.
  • Educate M/WBE suppliers about what’s required of Foodbuy’s business partners.
  • Ensure that M/WBE businesses are treated fairly in all sourcing and contracting processes by working closely with Foodbuy’s sourcing and category development teams.
  • Educate our members about the availability of M/WBE suppliers to meet their business needs.
  • Track all expenditures and joint revenue generated from diversified suppliers.
  • Advocate for Supplier Diversity efforts across the foodservice industry, and help suppliers network within the foodservice industry.
Whom should I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions regarding the Supplier Diversity Program email [email protected]

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