Follow the Path to a Supportive GPO Company

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A successful GPO company partnership is about more than saving money. It’s about consistent, diligent support. You want to work with a group purchasing organization that provides support during onboarding and beyond.


At Foodbuy, we think of our customer journey as a roadmap of exploration and success. View the customer journey here


What You Should Know Before Signing On

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, finding ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency is crucial for staying competitive. That’s why so many businesses join group purchasing organizations. If you want to make sure your GPO company works for your business model, you’ll want to ask yourself some questions before you begin onboarding:

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Do I like my current distributor partner or want to change?

What are the current pain points in my procurement process?

What is my primary goal in partnering with a GPO?


Asking yourself these questions ensures you’ll get the most out of the collaboration from the get-go.

Taking the First Step


If you’re ready to start on the roadmap to success with Foodbuy, your next move is easy. Fill out the Become a Member Form on our website. One of our sales associates will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


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