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Case Study

Foodbuy’s Audit Services Finds $60K in Credits as a Result of Incorrect Manufacturer Pricing

Click Here to download a PDF on how Foodbuy’s Audit Services found $60K in incorrect pricing.


Foodbuy’s Audit Services identified overcharges for this Member from their distributor. These overcharges were a result of correct pricing not being submitted to the broadliner in time for implementation. This meant that the Member was overcharged more than $60K by the distributor.


The Foodbuy Audit Services team worked with the client and the distributor to ensure the correct pricing was honored starting at day one of the contract. Foodbuy leadership, distribution teams and the Member’s procurement team worked together for more than 3 months to effectively resolve this issue.


  • Foodbuy’s Audit Services team was able to ensure $60K was credited back to the Member and that correct pricing was implemented with the distributor moving forward.
  • Foodbuy’s auditing process has become part of the client’s standard operating procedure as a way to identify issues within their pricing structure.

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