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Member Saves 23% With Help From Culinary Solutions Team

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The Challenge:

This Member’s headquarters is in a close-knitMidwest town. The Member takes pride in being a part of the local community and consequently wants to maintain a positive work culture for their employees. Their goal in working with the Foodbuy Culinary Solutions Team was to save money on their employee feeding program in order to put money back into their worker culture through opportunities and events. While the focus for this project was saving money, the Member wanted to make sure that they were not cutting back on the quality of food served. Ultimately, they wanted to align the right products with their desire to put their budget towards their community.

The Solution:

Two chefs from the Foodbuy Culinary Solutions Team visited the headquarters for two and a halfdays to work with the team. Their efforts included:

• A small cutting of some high-use products
• Discussions with the Member’s distributor partner to ensure alignment
• Aligning recommendations for the needs of both kitchens

By the end of the event, the Member team decided to convert to 47 of 60 preferred items. From there, the culinarians made sure to align the warehouse plan to these program switches.

The Results:

$85K proposed opportunity

23% savings, driving annualized savings

7% additional savings from the switch to a regional supplier

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