Case Study

Manufacturing Company Saves 20% by Consolidating Cleaning Services

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The Challenge:

The Member was procuring cleaning services through a fragmented network of contracts with local vendors. This created challenges with service consistency across each location, which could be avoided through consolidation into a single service contract. Additionally, the Member was paying higher prices overall for cleaning services because they weren’t leveraging their volume or able to adequately manage pricing.

The Solution:

The Foodbuy team leveraged one of their supplier partners to develop a national cleaning program for the Member. Together, they created a more standardized scope of work, while right-sizing service for each location. The cleaning supplier was also able to contract with and retain some of the local cleaning crews that the Member liked and wanted to keep. All of this resulted in better service, reduced expenses, and improved overall satisfaction.

The Results:

Saved over 20% on cleaning services nationally

Created more consistency in pricing and contract terms by working with one supplier partner

Achieved quicker resolution on issues by having a single contact for escalations

Created standardized scopes of work to best fit each location, resulting in stronger brand image

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