Case Study

Parlay Solutions Helps Member in Gaming Industry Save 8.42% in Program Savings Without Disrupting Operations

Click Here to download this PDF on how Parlay Solutions helped this gaming industry Member save 8.42% in program savings without disrupting operations.

The Challenge:

This gaming Member was located in a rural area more than 30 miles away from a major metropolitan city. Due to its remote location, traditional market and promotional offers drive very little traffic. This Member looked for support in maintaining a premium food and beverage experience while bringing in significantly less revenue due to COVID-19.

The Solution:

Parlay Solutions offered a complete pricing analysis of the top 100 food and beverage purchases through the Member’s current food distributor. Parlay Solution’s unique market basket process identified multiple areas where this Member could transition to the same products on the Parlay Solutions program and spend less while doing it.
Parlay Solutions also conducted an optimized study and identified 26 items that had similar products and specifications, but cost less.

The Results:

  • Parlay Solutions identified 4.44% ($7,086) per year in food and beverage savings on products currently used.
  • Parlay Solutions identified 26 “like” items with similar specifications as products the Member was already
    purchasing. By transitioning to these “like” items the member took advantage of an additional 3.98% in savings.
  • The Member realized a total of $13,716 per year in their food and beverage program, kept their current distributor partner
    and had no disruptions to business.

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