Temperature control issues are consistently one of the highest in-unit safety risks, and one of the most cited third party and health department violations. The lack of proper, fit-for-purpose cooling equipment is a significant factor contributing to temperature control compliance deficiencies. Blast chillers use specially-designed refrigeration equipment and high powered fans to circulate cold air to cool food quickly, providing more precise support for food safety compliance and temperature control execution.

Blast chillers offer the following value for operations:

Food Safety

  • Compliance with food safety standards by substantially reducing the length of time cooked food remains in the “Danger Zone” – 140* to 40*F where bacterial growth proliferates.
  • Substantially speeds up the chilling process by chilling food to/below 40*F within 2 hours or less.
  • Records key time and food temp data to document HACCP compliance to food safety guidelines via USB or via wireless.

Reduced Legal Exposure

  • Reduced chances of incurring lawsuits related to foodborne illnesses as a result of improper cold storage.

Reduced Food Cost and Waste

  • Faster chilling of food results in greater moisture retention in products, equaling greater yield.
  • Extends food shelf life up to 5 days while maintaining quality, freshness and safety.
  • Chills food production overages for serving later in week versus conventional cooling methods that require food be served within 24 hours.

Enhanced Food Quality

  • Helps mitigate the growth of bacteria that can contribute to “leftover” taste and texture
  • Refreshes Ready-To-Eat foods
  • Pre-chills cold served food items for salad bars, buffets, etc.
  • Supports production of ice cream, gelato and desserts.

Labor Efficiencies

  • Reduces overtime and manages market demand and peak periods in advance.
  • Bulk food preparation reduces/eliminates the need for overtime labor.
  • Products can be finished in minutes and on demand, increasing speed of food service.
  • Shortens the amount of time required to properly chill food, freeing up resources to perform other activities.

Consider blast chillers for enhanced food quality and labor efficiency, but most of all, for food safety. If you are not paying close attention to food safety – if food safety is not a top priority every day – the threats to our customers and clients, and our company, are real.

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