Simplifying Your Operations and Food Procurement Strategy Is Key


Every business, at its core, is run by people. If you aren’t meeting your labor needs, you could be struggling to find ways to grow your business and improve profits.

While post-pandemic labor shortages are being seen across industries, no sector has been affected as significantly as commercial foodservice. Partially due to concerns around safety and job stability, this trend has left many restaurants scrambling to match 2019 numbers.

While employee retention and hiring techniques are at the forefront of many restaurant owners’ plans, it is also critical to examine business model inefficiencies – it could be what saves your bottom line. Here are several ways to increase profits without hiring more staff.


Capitalizing on Commercial Foodservice Technology


The rise of online ordering sites and apps can work in your favor, while limiting the need for front-of-house staff. Your guests can place their order online from their phone, computer or a kiosk within your location. Then, all your staff needs to do is prepare the dish and alert the patron that their order is ready.

Data tracking technology is also a great addition to ensure your units are purchasing the right items to maximize both quality and profitability. Foodbuy offers some of the most advanced data tracking options on the commercial foodservice purchasing market. Ask your account manager about the possibilities of MPower, our in-house analytics engine.


Refining Product Offerings


A smaller staff can restrict your ability to serve multiple dishes with different preparation needs. Streamlining your menu can help you increase your throughput by decreasing the different types of ingredients and supplies you need to order, ultimately saving you money and simplifying your procurement process.

Easy-prep options can also allow you to save time on training. Suppliers like High Liner, Sara Lee and Impossible Foods all offer top-of-the-line items that require minimal preparation. Your staff can easily incorporate these options into impressive dishes that your guests will love.


Improving Food Procurement Practices

Are you wasting money on overlapping order plans? Identifying inefficiencies in your food procurement strategy could benefit your bottom line by leaps and bounds. The Culinary Solutions Team at Foodbuy is made up of talented chefs who can provide custom solutions to common back-of-house challenges. This culinary consulting service can help you:


Develop high-performing menus with dishes that are cost-effectively made

Identify high-quality products that will better fit your offerings and budget

Increase your buying power and reduce costs by reducing SKU proliferation

Create customized managed order guides (MOGs) for your organization

Educate your staff on practices that will reduce your overall food waste


Our culinary consulting services include many other elements, as well. Speak with a commercial foodservice account manager now to learn more.

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