Celebrate Women’s History Month With a Women-Led Collaboration

Miffy Jones and Tracey Richardson of Cool Chix

Miffy Jones and Tracey Richardson of Cool Chix

There’s nothing cooler than making waves in the foodservice industry. Cool Chix is a culinary concept doing exactly that. A collaboration amongst Eurest, Lillie’s of Charleston, and Miffy’s Foods, this initiative was designed to highlight female-led culinary innovation.

Foodbuy caught up with the founders of Cool Chix in honor of Women’s History Month to see how the program has changed since its August 2023 launch.


A Collaboration Powered by Women


Cool Chix meal from a Eurest location

A Cool Chix meal from a Eurest location

Originally conceived as a partnership between Eurest and women-owned suppliers, Cool Chix has been at the forefront of championing female entrepreneurs in culinary ventures. This concept was created by Eurest’s culinary team, including Meredith Galit and Kim Egan, Tracey Richardson of Lillie’s of Charleston, and Miffy Jones of Miffy’s Foods. Both suppliers participated in Compass Group’s Diverse Supplier Accelerator Program, providing coaching and training to grow minority-owned businesses.


The health- and flavor-focused menu is focused on scratch-made chicken nuggets coated with a whole-grain, all-purpose baking mix from Miffy’s Foods and accompanied by seasonings and sauces from Lillie’s of Charleston and was launched in over 1,600 corporate cafes managed by the Eurest Team.


A Positive Response


“When Miffy and I attended the initial launch on Compass’ Charlotte Campus, we witnessed first-hand the excitement and positive responses to the new “Cool Chix” menu. Most people heard about the promotion of a chicken nuggets menu and were excited to try it,” says Richardson.


While the Compass Group Eurest location was the first to experience a successful launch, the positive reception didn’t stop there. Eurest executive chefs from locations everywhere from Amazon in Virginia to Boeing in Washington State report 1,000s of guest plates of the specialty dishes on the launch day.

Watch the video on this collaboration here.


“It’s heartwarming to know that the support for Diverse Suppliers extends far beyond the corporate realm and is very much on the daily guests’ radar,” says Jones.


Taking Wing Towards the Future

Tracey Richardson and Miffy Jones pose alongside Director of Supplier Diversity at Foodbuy, Lindsay Broome

Tracey Richardson and Miffy Jones pose alongside Director of Supplier Diversity at Foodbuy, Lindsay Broome

So, what’s next for Cool Chix? The entrepreneurs behind the brand are hinting at an exciting future expansion that promises to elevate our culinary journey to new heights. While details are being closely guarded, it’s clear that the next chapter will delve into the world of wings, adding a captivating new dimension to the Cool Chix story. Kim Egan, the Director of Strategic Culinary Projects, and Meredith Galit, Director of Culinary Standards have both expressed their enthusiasm and intention for continuous innovation and elevation of their offerings.


“Our journey so far has been profoundly inspired by the diverse partnerships we’ve fostered, each bringing rich stories and unique, dynamic products to the table. With the intention to expand and innovate, our goal is to replicate the success of Cool Chix in our forthcoming culinary endeavors, celebrating women’s entrepreneurship and forging new partnerships in the culinary world,” they shared.

Stay tuned for what’s coming next, as the team at Eurest continues to push the boundaries of culinary innovation with intention and dedication.

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