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Produce is a critical category when it comes to delivering fresh, delicious food. That’s why operators need to think carefully about their produce programs. NPC Powered by Foodbuy has solutions for Foodbuy, Foodbuy Hospitality, and Foodbuy Foodservice Members.

Produce Purchasing in the Age of Health-Focused Consumers


“Nearly 6 in 10 (consumers) place more emphasis on their overall health now in comparison to how they made decisions a decade ago.”

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Americans are focused on health more and more each year. That impacts their dining choices, from eating out to shopping at the store. That’s why foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, and education operators need to prioritize healthy food options.


The produce you use on your menus can have a big impact on how these health-focused consumers see your business. You want to source high-quality produce that still tastes and looks fresh when it reaches your guests. The right procurement company can connect you with the products you need.

NPC Powered by Foodbuy focuses on exceptional quality at every step of the process. First, they partner with reputable farmers. Second, their extensive network provides connections across the country. You’ll be connected to produce that not only exceeds quality expectations, but that’s sourced locally.


Who Is NPC Powered by Foodbuy?


NPC (National Produce Consultants) has been a leader in the produce procurement industry for generations. The Texas-based company works with a versatile network of growers and distributors across the nation. Because of these strong partnerships and 30+ years of procurement expertise, NPC Powered by Foodbuy delivers tailored support to each client. That means connecting your business with programs and delivery options that fit your needs.


Now, backed by the $29B+ annualized spend of Foodbuy, NPC Powered by Foodbuy provides deeply discounted rates for their produce. This transformational initiative to reorganize and build a united national produce program into a single organization with associates in two offices is now complete. An intense focus on modeling for scalability and accountability has led the two teams to a strong collaboration.


The NPC Powered by Foodbuy Difference

NPC Powered by Foodbuy offers a range of solutions, specifically designed to benefit our Members. That includes:

    • Specification management and SKU Optimization
    • Implementation and management of direct grower contracts
    • Individual and consolidated reporting

  • Distributor and freight management
  • POS applications, custom management analysis reports
  • Traceability and recall alerts
  • Cost transparency and price verification technology
  • Web-based ordering platform

Ask your account manager about NPC Powered by Foodbuy today to learn more.

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